I am a sweet heart who absolutely adores people, especially those that I call my own. So be prepared for an over display of happiness whenever you come home. Because I want your attention all to myself and I refuse to share with other animals.  And as much as I love people, I do find young children to be a bit much, they move to fast and are a wee bit grabby.You and I can have grand adventures of our own. I am always up for a long walk, a romp in the back yard or even some play time inside. But I do need a house to live in, I find apartments to constricting. I need that access to the outdoors and large enough space inside that I can run around with ease. I may seem fussy, but I really am not asking for to much. I promise I will make it up to with lots of love, laughs and good times. I will stand by your side as your best friend and guardian.  I will alert you when people pass by and stand at guard when new people come in or approach. Protection is my duty and I I am loyal all the way! You won’t find anyone better to share you life with than me. I will stay by your side wherever you go!