Felix’s Happy Tail Ending


Howdy Partners!

My name is Felix. The Winnipeg Rescue Shelter has been my long time home since February. 24, 2015. I was 4 months when they took me in. I was found with my siblings; Nora and Gradey out in the cold, lost in the middle of the city! We were lucky enough they had some room for us to come in out of the cold and into the warmth. We were all welcomed in with open arms. Today, October 17 2015; I am grateful that I found my forever home. My owners really love me, they picked me out even when I wasn’t in my cage; the maids were at my service at the time! I hope my siblings are as lucky as I am, getting a home with the warmth of love and never ending food is always an amazing feeling.

This is my happy tail ending.