The impact of the severe weather has been devastating to the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter. The Shelter is struggling with an overload of pets, many of which need medical treatment as a result of frost-bite and other injuries. Along with this situation adoptions and donations have decreased at an alarming rate, undoubtedly due to post-Christmas effects and a sluggish economy.

The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter cares for unwanted animals and arranges adoptions to loving homes. The Shelter has been part of our community since 1999 but in order to continue its work the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter needs prompt financial help.

Without prompt assistance the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter cannot survive. The circumstance is urgent!

Carla Martinelli-Irvine
Founder & Executive Director
Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter
3062 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB. R3K 0Y1