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Why should I adopt a pet?

You can’t buy love – but you can adopt it from the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter. All adoptable pets have been veterinarian-checked and come with a health certificate. We are able to save over 1,000 pets a year because caring people like you choose to adopt!
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Once you enter the Shelter, you will be greeted by our adoption counselor(s). You will be asked a few questions regarding the type of animal you’re interested in (they can introduce you to the pets that will be appropriate for your situation). If you are coming in for an initial look at our residents, but aren’t intending to adopt right away, you may want to jot down the names of the animals who strike you as potential adoptees. You can then follow up online or by phone when you are ready, to ensure that the particular pet has not since been adopted.

If you would like to hold or handle an animal, our adoption counselors will bring him/her out for you to interact with. You will also notice bottles of hand sanitizer located on our kennels. We kindly ask that you use it prior to, and between the handling of any of our residents for their safety and health.

Before searching for your new best friend, you will want to assess your personal situation and speak to your entire family. If you are not clear on the requirements of a specific type of pet, our adoption counselors will be happy to assist you in making an informed decision. Once you have decided to adopt, our counselor will ask you some questions in order to complete the adoption papers. If you live in apartment, condo or renting, you must have a letter from your landlord, on the management company’s letter, stating you are able to adopt a pet.
Don’t hesitate to return with your family members if you are unsure of the decision you’re making. Remember, some of these animals can live to be 25 years old — a long-term commitment is more easily made with the support of everyone involved. If you have another pet you would like to introduce to your potential new friend, you may bring him/her to the shelter to assess compatibility. Please inform the counselor that you would like to do this before bringing your dog in. Dogs must be on a leash. The counselor will assist you in the introduction.
All of our adoptable pets have been veterinarian-checked and come with a certificate of health. They are also up to date on regular vaccinations. Some animals will be able to go home right away, others may need to stay with us a little longer before they are ready. Very tiny kittens and puppies that are still nursing must be weaned and vaccinated before they can go home. Sometimes we ensure a young sibling pair are both adopted before they are allowed to go — just so one isn’t left lonely while the goes to their new home.
Give the gift of life! The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter also offers gift certificates that can be used towards adoption fees as well as food and merchandise.

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