Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter

Join our Microdonation Team!

At Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter, we are trying something new – Microdonations! As a non-profit, we are very familiar with stretching a dollar. We struggle every month to meet our obligations, as I’m sure many of our supporters do. This got us thinking… We so appreciate our Helping Heroes who are donating $10.00/month but are there other animal lovers who would like to do something to help but simply can’t commit to that level of support?

Enter microdonations. Microdonations are small amounts – $2, $3, or $5/month, charged directly to your credit card every month. An amount so small, that most of us will never miss it. But the thing is, all those small acts of generosity add up to something BIG! We are running this campaign in the hopes that many hands will make lighter work, and we can build a more sustainable monthly fund to support the work we do. 

If you would like to join this new campaign and see what we can build together, please consider completing the secure form below to start your monthly microdonation. You can contact us any time to cancel in the future.

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