Hi folks!

My name  is Casey and my journey here at the shelter has finally ended with my forever home. I had a rough go when I first got here with a rare growth inside my ear. Normal shelters would not have given me a chance with my rarity but I’m sure glad I ended up at the Pet Rescue Shelter who never gave up on me! Soon, It was time to go to my doctor and he said he would do my surgery first to remove my growth. Unfortunately the growth grew back with deeper roots. My doctor informed me I had to see a specialist, which took forever to get me in.

The surgery day came and I was again in the doctors office. The specialist I saw must have known what he was doing since my ear has been great ever since! My hearing was never affected and I can hear anyone who calls my name! I will no doubt come running, I love the attention. I love greeting people and making people happy, it’s what I live for, other then the cat nip! I was at my temporary home for a year. I guess the specialist was right, good things happen to those who wait! My forever home; I couldn’t  have picked any better. They understand my rare condition. My servers keep telling me I will be forever taken care of! What my workers don’t know is I already know they love me since they visited me every day at the shelter till the day they were able to take me home. (I sure hope they have the cat nip) I will miss the cat nip, the wet food and the birds, but nothing beats me able to call a home mine!

This is my happy tail ending. I hope one of my friends will be next!

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