Director’s Message – January 2024

Rescue dogs and cats in Winnipeg

Dear Supporters and Friends of the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter, As we reflect on the past year at our new location in the Courts of St. James, I am overwhelmed […]

Director’s Message – March 2021

With the advent of spring and the improved outlook regarding vaccination roll-outs our future seems more optimistic than at the time of my last Director’s Message. Nonetheless many of you […]

Director’s Message – December 2020

The world has changed immensely since my last Director’s message. We are all aware of the suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last several months. I applaud those […]

Director’s Message – March 2020

First an apology, this message is long overdue. The challenges of business together with health issues have caused me to delay some very important matters. How joyful it would have […]

Director’s Message – February 19, 2019

Director’s Message If we went by the calendar, Spring is just around the corner and we will soon be able to breath a collective sight of relief. This winter has […]

Director’s Message – March 3, 2014

Many wonderful Manitobans recently came through with donations to stave off the Shelter’s imminent financial problems. The help was immensely appreciated. As noted in the press the severe winter has […]

Director’s Message – January

  There is great truth in the expression that you need to be tough to live in Manitoba. Outsiders are sometimes amazed that life can carry on throughout the winters […]

Director’s Message – September

The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter’s mission continues as always.  It focuses on protecting and preserving the lives of needy and innocent pets in our community.  The Shelter’s “No-Kill” policy remains […]

Director’s Message – July

Summer is upon us and many lucky pets can play and lounge in the sun, under the guidance of their loving owners. Numerous pets however, are not so fortunate and […]