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Since receiving charitable status in 1999, the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter has saved thousands of pets that were abandoned, unwanted, relinquished or needed to be rescued.

The Shelter has found loving homes for all of these innocent animals, but the work is far from done. Many of these animals had either been relinquished by their owners, no longer able or willing to care for them, while others had been abandoned or abused by uncaring individuals.

The Shelter is always filled to capacity with cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and birds – all waiting for a new life in a loving home. Over 200 pets are on a waiting list to come into the Shelter and we receive 80-100 requests a day from people who need to relinquish their pets for one reason or another. Some rescued animals stay for a day, some a week, some a month and some for a year or more.

If you’re an animal lover and want to support a local charity, this is a great way to support the Shelter and become a Rescue Partner.
Vet Care Hero


Provide financial relief for regular and emergency vet care required each month.


Shelter Hero


Subsidize some of the operational costs of housing so many animals in a NO-KILL shelter.


Corporate Hero


Help fund the enormous daily costs of caring for so many animals including food, cat litter and cleaning supplies



There are many ways you can financially support the Shelter. We have supportive businesses that give us a donation as a % of a sale to promote the contribution made to our charity. By donating a portion of a service or product sold, you are providing the Shelter continuous funding. Your customers see your generous support of the community and a local charity.


Any business open to the public can display one of our collection tins for donations. The tin only takes a small amount of room on a counter and can greatly help the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter with additional funds every month. Our volunteers even deliver the tins and pick up the money once a month, making it no effort for your staff to have the canister available to your patrons.


Any donation, anytime, is appreciated and can be used to cover numerous expenses such as food, litter and other supplies. All donations are invaluable to the Shelter and enable us to care for more pets, even when unforeseen circumstances occur. The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter is not funded by any government agencies and relies solely on the support of our community and caring businesses such as your to keep their doors open.


The veterinarians we work with provide health assessments, vaccinations, de-worming and spay/neutering as well as diagnostic services, medications and surgical procedures for animals with special needs or those with life-threatening conditions. A donation each month from your employees would greatly assist with the on-going costs of operating the Shelter. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk to your staff about this program and provide Helping Hero brochures to explain and set-up monthly donations.

What will you get in return for your support?

  • Your company name or logo on Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter website for the number of months of your donation. We have a large following of loyal supporters who look to support businesses that support their favourite cause!
  • Recognition of your level of support in Our Sponsors section of the website with a direct link to your website, for the number of months of your donation.
  • Recognition on Facebook and Twitter with monthly mentions of our Rescue Partners.
  • Featured article on your company in our quarterly Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter newsletter – Paws for Thought. The newsletter is sent to all WPRS email subscribers and available online and in the Shelter.
  • Recognition in the program of our Annual Gala with acknowledgment of sponsorship level.
  • A plaque in recognition of your community involvement.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping us to achieve our vision of a society in which pets are accorded the right to life and are recognized as beings with feelings and the right to loving care.
  • Use of the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter logo in any advertising and promotions for both print and online to demonstrate your support of charitable causes.
  • Studies have shown improved staff morale, increased employee goodwill as well as better recruitment and retention rates as a result of offering workplace giving vehicles and volunteering opportunities to their employees. The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter can be one of the charities your employees support.
  • Charitable tax receipts issued for each and every corporate and individual donation. Tax receipts are issued at the end of a calendar year or for specific corporate taxation year-ends.
Corporate Sponsorship
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