365 days of the year – winter, spring, summer or fall – we are always full and always taking in unwanted and homeless dogs and cats. The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter has saved thousands of pets that were abandoned, unwanted, relinquished or needed to be rescued.

All animals are given food, medical attention and interim care until a loving home is found.

Some rescued animals stay for a day, some a week, some a month and some for a year or more. Operating a “NO-KILL” animal shelter means that any animal coming into the Shelter, stays at the Shelter and is cared for until a loving home can be found.

The costs to operate the Shelter increase every year and the fees for adoptions do not cover our operational costs.

Please remember the homeless animals we have at the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter and donate today.

Your gift will help homeless animals.

$10 a month goes a long way to supporting the care of the animals in our Shelter and allows us to budget for unexpected costs.

All donations are greatly needed and appreciated and will have a charitable tax receipt issued for the entire amount.

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Please Help Us Continue Our Work

The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter receives no government support, and relies solely on the kindness & generosity of our community. Without your support, we could not help the hundreds of helpless animals we serve each year. Please consider donating in any way you can. There are so many ways you can help us continue our lifesaving work.