pic1This was the first snap of James, taken the day we picked him up. I had seen a picture of him online, and having him stuck in my head ALL DAY…. I texted my sister to stop by and take a look at this adorable little dog. This was the picture she sent me of sad little puppy eyes, that I seem to have eternally memorized by now, staring through the screen of my phone. Of course, we fell in love right away, and that very evening I went down to Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter on Portage and signed the paperwork to bring our little guy home. He sat on my lap, scared, but calm the whole way home, and within a few days, our house became his house.

Deciding to get a dog was very natural for us. Growing up on the farm means we had always had a dog, usually working dogs for herding cattle or labs for retrieving and hunting. Moving to the city meant no dogs. And let me tell you that was an adjustment that did not sit well. After a few years without a pet, our household finally decided to get a dog to add to the family, and we found the hands-down, world’s most perfect dog!!

James, is now known as Harley. He is the most expressive little puppy I have ever had, and his antics are always the center of attention. If you aren’t loving him for more than 5 minutes, he makes it his mission to regain your attention. Whether it’s bringing you ALL of his toys and blankets and laying them at your feet, laying on his back and bobbing himself in the face with his paws, the most hilarious doggy faces you’ve ever seen, or laying a pretty puppy nose in your lap with those remarkable, irresistible brown eyes of his, he is never far from “his people.” In only a few short months his routine has already become our routine. We walk together, play together, garden together; he comes with us camping and out to the farm to visit “grandma and grandpa” and “cousin Mocha”, and gets to run and jump and play with sticks (his absolute favorite!). He also loves the tub. Don’t ask me why, but if the bathroom door is open, we WILL find him in there. Every time. All the time. He. Loves. The. Tub. The first time we let Harley run off leash at the farm, was maybe one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! There was no distinguishable puppy shape; just fur. Tail. Feet. And Ears. EVERYWHERE!! That and pure puppy joy as he ran with Mocha through the grass, his tongue lolling out in a perfect puppy smile. My handsome little man has so much character, I never expected one little animal to bring so much energy and pure sass into our house. But I’m so glad he did!!


I can’t imagine life before him. I can’t imagine life without him. Even as I type this, he’s sleeping on the floor, my feet resting on his side, snoring away, and it is the most perfect sound in the world. I am SO GLAD we took advantage of that whim I had those months ago, I’m so SO glad that we jumped into “parenthood” and stopped at your center and brought him home. Thank you and all your staff for rescuing this handsome man so that he could make our family complete, and bring so much happiness and joy into our lives. I only hope we can give him the best little doggy life, a little doggy could ask for. We hope to bring Harley down for a visit soon; for now, here are some of our favorite snapshots of Harley and our adventures! pet5pet6



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