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Planned Giving

Many people set aside a certain dollar amount through planned giving. Others leave a percentage of their estate or any assets left over after their family has been provided for. Some people donate something they own, like a car or their home. Others leave a paid up life insurance policy, securities, retirement account or other financial investment.

Everyone can leave a gift from his or her “estate” – a word simply used to describe everything that you own at the time of your death. Most people leave an estate when they die, even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. To include your wish to leave a gift to the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter, you must state your intention in your will. Without a will, you lose control over your property after death. Your property and finances are settled according to provincial laws whether or not they coincide with your wishes and those of your family.

A bequest gift is a wonderful way to recognize or create a memorial for a person or pet who has made a difference in your life. You just need to make it clear that the gift is given as a memorial.

If you need help to arrange for your gift, the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter has important information for you. Or, if you have a professional advisor you are working with – like a financial or estate planner, lawyer, accountant, trust officer or insurance agent – you could talk with him or her about leaving a gift.

What’s right for your financial situation?

As part of any long-term financial plan, a planned gift can offer you substantial tax and estate benefits while allowing you to make a larger and more lasting gift. It can be a gift the Shelter receives now, or in the future. It’s a way for you to support the animals while meeting or enhancing your personal financial goals. There are several ways you can plan to make a gift. The option(s) you choose depends on your financial circumstances and personal goals.

Tips on leaving a legacy through your will

LEAVE A LEGACY™ Manitoba encourages everyone to prepare a will. It is the only way you can be certain that your wishes will be respected and your family will be properly cared for after your death. Following are ten basic (but important) tips about leaving a legacy to the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter in your will.

  • Prepare a will. Without a will you lose control over your property at death.
  • Leave a gift in your will for the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter. Imagine the positive impact on our community if everyone made a gift from their estate to support the animals relinquished to our Shelter.
  • Leave us a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the assets in your will.
  • Consider using assets for your charitable gift. These include but are not limited to cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, term deposits, real estate, vehicles, art, jewellery or insurance. Such gifts may even provide tax savings.
  • Name the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter as the beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or pension.
  • Name the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter as the beneficiary of an existing or paid-up life insurance policy.
  • Purchase a new life insurance policy naming us as the beneficiary.
  • Remember loved ones with memorial gifts.
  • Encourage family and friends to leave a gift in their wills.
  • Ask your financial or estate planning advisor to include charitable giving as part of their counsel to clients.

Make a lasting difference in Manitoba… leave a legacy. For more information please contact Carla Martinelli at 832-7387, caIl LEAVE A LEGACY™ Manitoba at (204) 942-5552 or visit the web site at

Need professional advice?

A professional advisor can tell you about the tax benefits of planned gifts. An advisor can make sure you are getting the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift. If you do not have an advisor and need assistance, you can find a professional to help you through a referral from any of the following Manitoba-based organizations:

Advocis • 231-3628
Certified General Accountants of Manitoba • 477-1256
Certified Management Accountants • 943-1538
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba • 942-8248
Manitoba Bar Association • 944-1491
The Law Society of Manitoba • 942-5571

Please Help Us Continue Our Work

The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter receives no government support, and relies solely on the kindness & generosity of our community. Without your support, we could not help the hundreds of helpless animals we serve each year. Please consider donating in any way you can. There are so many ways you can help us continue our lifesaving work.