Two Abandoned Puppies Recover At Shelter – UPDATE

For two pups who had such a difficult start, Chiquita and Chongo are on their way to happy lives!

Both were adotped to wonderful new families in December.


As we continue to ask for help, financial and otherwise, a case like this comes up that reinforces why we take on the challenge and constant expense of running a no-kill shelter.

Two Puppies RescuedEarly on Monday, November 4th, we received a call for help. Two baby puppies were found abandoned in a ditch outside of a Northern Community. Left for dead. These puppies were brought into this world fighting and are still fighting knowing nothing but survival in the ditch where they were left. These two puppies came into our care at the shelter late November 4th with sarcoptic mange, lice and worms. Sarcoptic mange is very uncomfortable and painful for these pups. Intense scratching, skin rashes, crust formation in the affected area and hair loss (alopecia) are all symptoms of this infection. It takes a great deal of care to treat these abandoned pups and make them comfortable. This is urgent. If left just a short while longer these pups would not be here today.

Since being in our care, they have shown our staff nothing but gratitude and happiness. Even though the world showed them nothing but darkness and cruelty. These pups have already been saved and they will get better every day in our care and will not be left abandoned like they were by others.

We NEED your help with Chikita & Chongo and so many other that come into our care.


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We appreciate all of your support.

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